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A Poetic Butcher You Say? Yes, They do Exist!


A creature like no other, THE POETIC BUTCHER has evolved into a staple of the entertainment life of Poetry, Music, Art, & so much more since his arrival in Austin by way of "Old" New Orleans. CHHK has had the pleasure of having The Poetic Butcher host several of our live music showcases over the past few years & he is definitely always entertaining to say the least lol. He's known for his powerful & thought provoking artist intros as he crafts custom poems to introduce artists as they take the stage in front of crowded music venues. His in your face spoken word performances have also resonated in Austin's poetry scene as he has become a top performer in the city. We will provide some insight on this gifted artists' bio/background, where he gets his influences from, the motivation behind his art & his upcoming plans for future creations. We will also share some content of his for you all to enjoy. Let's get started on his background which explains how & why he garnered the appropriate name of "The Poetic Butcher".


Originally from New Orleans, Dave Julian, was surrounded by many things, such as alcohol, violence, culture, & art during his up bringing. His artistry began in the field of writing & acting in Martial Arts comedy productions. He also ran lead for his band, The Erotic Walrus also known as The Cock Flowers. His environment were congested with artistic people and that mindset engulfed much of the city, including himself. After New Orleans, he traveled to many cities but found himself settling down in Lexington, Kentucky for a little while. This is where the famed name, THE POETIC BUTCHER, was ordained upon him. While living in Lexington, he worked at a Kroger's grocery store in the meat & seafood department. He was in charge of Customer Service & one of his main job duties was to make announcements over the loud speaker in the store to try to help draw attention to any special items they had on sale or they were trying to focus on. He saw this as an opportunity to display his poetic speaking abilities & from the very first time he tried this everyone loved it. One of his regular customers donned him with the name, THE POETIC BUTCHER, & started recording videos of him to upload to YouTube. Shortly after this, he began to get involved with local poetry showcases in Lexington but he soon found the poetry scene there was dwindling & there was little to no opportunity for him to pursue his new found passion. He decided to move to Austin where he discovered that there was a a pretty significant Poetry community here for him to grow with that would allow him to continue to pursue his artistic goals. He has much success in his time in Austin & is currently working on new content.

Dave explains what his influences are for his art & where his creative content originates from. "I wanted to perform more & influence spoken word artists to not all have similar voices. My interpretation on Spoken Word Artists is that many of them sound similar in cadence, timing, subject matter, etc. I want to influence these artists to be different & stand out in a crowd. My influences come from the likes of characters like Fred Sanford, from the 70's comedy sitcom Sanford & Son, athletes such as Deion Sanders with their "PrimeTime" superstar attitudes, Kung Fu movie characters, Golden Era Hip Hop artists/lyrics, my 8th grade teacher, Donald Stablier, & of course the city of New Orleans."

He has been a part of the local poetry/spoken word scene in Austin for several years now & also hosts Hip Hop Showcases as mentioned earlier. The Event Hosting has tied him into the local Hip Hop scene which has provided him with multiple opportunities as well. He's been featured on several local Hip Hop Artists' albums such as Protextor, StormShadow, & Clay-Doh The World Destroyer.

Dave gives his insights on what he hopes people take away from hearing his poetry, "I hope to inspire a new voice and methodology. Poetry as well as life seem to focus & embrace sadness. I prefer to explore other options!"

The Poetic Butcher plans to release a new concept album containing Poetry, Storytelling, & clever raps while incorporating heavy Boom Bap Hip Hop flavor.He plans to team up with one of Austin's most esteemed DJ's, DJ Berlin, to capture & produce something special for people of all walks to enjoy. The Senior Editor of the Conan O'Brien Show, Christopher Heller, jump started this idea, Together, he & Dave created a video titled Metaphorically Challenged, which will also be the name of the album. This video is still unreleased but will be premiered during the promotional roll out for the project. You are able to view a sneak peek on his Facebook page.

Here is a published video work by The Poetic Butcher titled "The Animator"

We look forward to seeing the new creations from The Poetic Butcher coming in the near future. He has an authenticity to him unlike any other artist we've ever seen & we wish him all the success in the world.

You can follow all things involving The Poetic Butcher by locking in all his social media pages


INSTAGRAM: thepoeticbutcher504

YOUTUBE: Poetic Butcher

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