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Happy Memorial Day to all my Friends & family! It’s great to have a day off at home right??? Well, considering most of us have been at home during the pandemic another day at home may not be what we want or need...BUT....I’m not complaining about having an extra day off from work that I get paid for so I’ll take it! This week I’ve chosen to do an artist spotlight on ATX artist J-Kline! He‘s an upcoming Hip Hop artist in Austin by way of Michigan & he has what I think to be a very Dope album titled “Lost In Austin”, which is due to release this summer. He also recently signed a distribution deal with CHHK LLC & SONY/THE ORCHARD!

Let’s dive in!

J-Kline is an up & coming hip-hop artist from Battle Creek, MI that moved to Austin in 2014. His love of hip-hop music started when he was 7 years old when his oldest brother would play artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and 2pac. From the moment he heard those legendary sounds from those influential artists he was an instant fan and developed a true love for the genre and the culture of Hip Hop Music. J-Kline looks to solidify his name in the industry and move himself up the ranks to show he's a force to be reckoned with and an artist that can truly inspire his listeners. He also is venturing into acting in various different roles and film making.

The concept of the album, “Lost in Austin” is a close look into his life’s journey, specifically focused on his first 5 years in Austin. The album is motivated by how much the city, the people, & the crazy situations he’s been in or witnessed since he’s been in town. The album will also reflect how the roller coaster of experiences has captivated and impacted him in his life. While the main focus of the album is mainly aimed towards more graphic & true life tales there are plenty of feel good, motivational, & fun records to vibe out to. J-Kline had this to say about the album,”“I’ve had many successes, overcome many failures like drug addiction, homelessness, and my own personal struggles. My story is raw, real, and most importantly, relatable to many. Plenty of people have gone through the exact or similar situations that I have. I know a lot of people were like me, lost in this world trying to find a way.”

Go checkout one of his music videos here:

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