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SickSo3rd Drops A Big 'Ol Jagged Pill for All To Swallow

SickSo3rd, an artist out of NH, gives us yet another sick video for a sick track to go with his sick personna, in "Big 'Ol Jagged Pill", a track off his EP G-$tate Diaries . The hard hitting track beckons almost back to some old Bone Thugs and Harmony, with it's harmonic melodious hook about gritty subject matter leading into hard hitting, often tongue twisting, verses. The visuals were on point and easily relatable to the subject matter at hand conveying the overall grittiness and darkness pouring from the lyrical content. The use of the old VHS effect was very effective and the constant cuts of bullet impacts in slow motion furthers the impact of the lyrics in their metaphorical nature. The cuts of the gritty streets at night are also an effective visual to further the impact of the song and visual vibe the artist is trying to create. Overall a very solid track made by SickSo3rd and a solid job on the visual by Project 2 Studios. The overall darkness and grittiness of the directorial style is a great match for the subject matter and vibe of the song masterfully created by SickSo3rd. Check it out and subscribe to his page for more videos and music in the future.

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