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MC Such and Such out of Missouri drops his first video State of Affairs

MC Such and Such is an old soul and the embodiment of the old west coast vibe in his music and "State of Affairs" , his first music video, is no departure from this. The video is well shot and edited and follows the classic video style of several finely edited shots of the artist doing his craft. The music seems to be synced very well and the visual quality is good. The locations seem intriguing yet out of place from each other the way they are woven together. None of them seem to help reinforce any imagery or narrative within the song and are merely just backdrop for the artist. I wish some of the images were more relatable to the song's lyrics, but, they do however offer a good contrast between the night and daytime shots. Overall a well shot and edited video just wished to see more visual impact from the visuals chosen and the directorial style. As this is his first video, I'm sure they will only get better and more creative from here.

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