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Biological Father Defies Tradition with It's Positive Spin on the Term

Kartune , an artist out of Austin, Texas, gives us his first visual for his track "Biological Father", his first single off his upcoming album B.A.R.S. The track defies convention with the term biological father usually referring to a father who isn't around, especially in hip hop music. His track tells a different story painting the love he has and the sacrifices he has given for his daughters. The video was well put together and edited by Mars Motion Pictures. The old film effects give it a nostalgic, very Wonder Years sort of feeling, and lends well to theme. It gives you the feeling you are getting a view into candid home movies of the artist's family interactions as it flashes to cuts of him playing with his daughters. There is a great subsection of shots from varying locations in the video which really lends to the sense of movement and time in the video. Great overall work on the video production and editing by Mars Motion Pictures on a terrific song by Kartune. The only critique I might have is the grainy film effect was so effective and well done that it really made the 4k images stand out strong and they maybe should have been toned back. Salute on a job well done.

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