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Sound of the Underground - Steady Dropping Heat 🔥🔥🔥

Another weekend is in the books & the first week of June as well.... and just like that 2020 is nearly halfway over. Is it just me or has this year been flying by? Some people jokingly say they wanna hit the rest button on 2020 but honestly I say let’s keep speeding right through it so we can move forward lol. Either way it’s been a crazy year so far to say the least. This week‘s blog entry is focusing the artist spotlight on one of our own, Sound of the Underground or SOTU. They've been steady dropping heat with their new album “Cymatics” & two dope music videos that bookended their album release.

The talented duo is comprised of Mic Trey & The Culprit (pictured above from left to right). These 2 combine to form a formidable 1-2 punch with quick choppy rhythmic flows while hitting you in the ears with some heavy bars. Not all Emcees are able to combine these two traits but these fellas have it locked down. They’re both members of the ATX supergroup SoopaFrendz & have been working together in the early 2000’s. It’s easy to notice the chemistry on their tracks & especially when enjoying their high energy live performances (when we could still have those 😞).

The first video SOTU released from their album was for their first single "In a Zone". This video was directed & edited by super talented videographer Eric Sattler from Nvision Films. This video has some amazing special effects as the video takes you on an intergalactic adventure as Mic Trey & The Culprit journey to distant worlds. Checkout this amazing video below.

Their second video they dropped was for their track titled “Catch a Flight”. This video is directed by another talented videographer Matthew Hyder of Rhymin Rhythm Entertainment. Hyder also directed & edited their first video “Move Back” in 2019. Watch the "Catch a Flight" video below.

Here‘s the link to their album

Be sure to follow them on all social media platforms to stay up to date with them

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