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CHHK Records Mints First Music NFT

Hello to our fans & supporters! It’s been a while since we’ve posted in here but we have a hot off the press type news break for you today! We’re excited to announce that we have minted our first ever music NFT for our label!!! The first track to be minted is Legends Never Die by Big Mic feat Mic Trey & it’s a banger! In the digital age of NFT‘s we are trying to stay ahead of the wave & then ride it out off into the sunset as a skilled surfer would do. So far so good….

Now we have to get our supporters to buy it! If you’re interested in purchasing your copy please visit the links here:


You will need to have a wax wallet & purchase it with wax.

Be on the lookout for future NFT’s from the label dropping soon!

You can download or stream Legends Never Die on your favorite digital platform here:

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