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CHHK Sets Date for West Coast Tour

We’re so excited to announce our West Coast Tour happening this summer! The Take Off Tour is shaping up nicely so far & our GoFundMe campaign heals gotten off to a great start! We’re hitting the road y’all! June 20th-July 3rd we’re heading out west to California with stops along the way & on the way back in New Mexico & Arizona!

After a very successful SXSW in March with multiple performances we were invited to head out to California to take our show on the road. We’ve been planning a tour for the past several years & before we could get it off the ground Covid would shut it down over & over again. But this is shaping up to be a legendary run that will not only boost the trajectory of our brand & artists but we hope to also inject the ATX hip hop scene with some excitement & draw some much warranted attention to all the immense talent that’s here that sometimes seems to get buried in Austin under all the other genres of live music.

CasinoATX, Mic Trey, Ative Evita, Sill, DJ Berlin, Big Mic, Jsun The Prophesor, Spred, Big Tree 4Real, & Tall Kyle will be packing up & heading out to put a stamp on showcasing our versatile & diverse talents of our label artists. There comes a point when you know it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone to take that next step of growth & we have that feeling now! Austin has been good to us but it’s time to hit bigger markets that are hungry for Hip Hop music.

Here‘s our current schedule! We still have a few open dates we’re trying to finalize but for the most part we have self booked this entire tour simply by putting in the work & relying on our business acumen to send booking emails to venues in New Mexico, Arizona, & California. If you’re in these areas come see us! It’s going to be magical & amazing all at the same time!!!

We’ve started a GoFundMe Campaign to help us cover the travel costs for our big squad to be able to make this trip possible! We appreciate all the donors that have helped out! Any amount helps! If you’d like to be a part of making this dream of ours come true, You can click here to donate ⬇️

You can also scan this QR Code to go directly to our GoFundMe Campaign!!!

A special THANK YOU to those that have donated to our fundraiser! We have some special gifts in store for all donors so please give if you can, it really does help us make our dream come true! We hope to see all your amazing faces soon at a venue near you!!!

- Big Mic

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