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Purple Bee TV & CHHK Team up for a Worthy Cause!!! Tune in This Friday!!!

Hey everyone, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family & friends!!! We are super thankful for our next show that we are honored to be performing on Friday, Dec 3rd. We will be performing on a free livestream event on Purple Bee TV with donation proceeds benefitting the Central Texas Food Bank! It’s the time of year for giving so please donate during the show to help our cause to help others in need!

Presenting The Good Vibes Show, a livestream showcase of ATX talent from the College of Hip Hop Knowledge. Tune in for a great night of music and collaboration benefitting the Central Texas Food Bank with appearances by Big Mic, Tall Kyle, Ative-Evita, Mic Trey, Sill, Jsun the Prophesor, BigTree 4Real, DJ Berlin, and the Purple Bee Crew.

The show will feature 2 sets with the first set being a crew performance by CHHK Records specially designed to get the good energy flowing for all those tuning in! The second set will feature the Purple Bee Crew band creating live improvised soundscapes for the CHHK team to create live Off the Top freestyle songs which will be a special treat for sure!

Here‘s the links to watch ⬇️

Purple Bee Website (Choose Your Platform)


This show is brought to you by our friends at….

Make sure you give our family over at Purple Bee TV a follow! These guys won a Best Of Award by the Austin Chronicle this year!

Want to know more about CHHK??? Visit our website where you can find all our latest merchandise & music from our whole team!

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