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What;s good everyone? I'm sitting here bumping this new EP from Calvin Valentine & I have to tell you, it's really taking me back in time. I feel like I'm back in the 80's lol & I like it! The album has a smooth soulful vibe to it & that's definitely my cup of tea! Calvin has had some nice success as a drummer, a producer and increasingly as a solo artist.  He's produced hip hop tracks for De La Soul featuring Nas, Illa J, Planet Asia, Speakz, Illmaculate, Boogie, Travis Thompson and IDK as well as some critically acclaimed pop records. He even produced a couple tracks for our homies out in Cali - Glass Bottom Boat from the Doggma Uno crew. Also, Cal-S-thetics from Glass Bottom Boat took part in the executive production of this EP, dope work Cal!!!

Checkout some more info below about Calvin Valentine.

He lives in LA now but is originally from Eugene, OR and smokes very loud! When I asked him who he is this was his response. "I'm Calvin Valentine a.k.a. Calvy P a.k.a Bong Mayer a.k.a Tiger from Eugene, Oregon. I'm a musician. My goal for my art is to continue to stay inspired, while learning and expanding in all areas. I've been lucky enough to make a living off my music for a while now and work with artists who I look up to and respect. I want to continue on that path and continue exploring my solo music. I just hope that listeners of my music can find some peace, comfort, enjoyment, and/or confidence to be who they want to be through my music. I truly make my solo music out of pure love for the art form and to heal my soul. I hope in some way it can do that same thing for the listener."

Calvin says he titled the album "SAVE THE PLANET" because he doesn't see enough artists taking a stand and bringing awareness to the issues going on in the world. He stated he found it hard to write about them without making it corny or preachy so he just chose to title this album that instead. He's inspired by his life. That's why he chooses to write about it. It could be something as simple as the outfit he's wearing that day, (RRL) or the VHS tape he picked out of his collection to watch (Bio-Dome).  He uses his solo music as his personal diary, so you'll find moments where he reflects on his childhood or his High School years (Ninety Ate) and other moments where he expands on a failed romantic relationship (The Honey Pot).

I implore you to peep the album out & share his art with your fellow music lovers that might enjoy this collection from Calvin. Click the link below to listen on your favorite streaming platform...

Follow Calvin Valentine on his Social Media Pages

Well, another week in Quarentine is in the books, from all of us at CHHK, we hope you're doing well & making the most of these weird & crazy days.

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