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J.U.S. Lyric - A Revolutionary in the time of Turmoil

As we continue to promote & help independent artists have a voice in the music industry we bring you J.U.S. Lyric from Houston, TX. We will discuss his background, his motivation for his art, & how he hopes to be a positive influence for artists everywhere. We will also share his new EP titled #SideA for you to listen to & enjoy. His music is skillfully crafted & has a definite soul to it that will draw you in wanting to hear more.

Artist Bio - J.U.S. Lyric

Born and raised in Houston, TX with a heavy influence from NWA, The Geto Boys, plus soulful music from legends like Teddy Pendergrass & Luther Vandross set the stage for a spectrum of real life situations & expression in his music.

"I started rapping & writing at the age of 8 years old. Just when I got into music, the sport of basketball kinda took over my life but one thing that always remained was the love of the art of making music." - J.U.S. Lyric

J.U.S. Lyric goes on to explain what motivates his art & the movement that he founded for artists. "This is why I created MXII, (pronounced 10/12). The aim of it is to give hope to struggling artists as well as learn the music game without relinquishing creative control of their art. I want artists to feel like they're at "home" & safe. My biggest influences for my company are Dreamville, TDE, & Roc Nation. Not only are these companies Black Owned but they also support their artists creativity instead of telling them what to do. The biggest takeaway I hope for listeners that bump MXII is to be hopeful for their future & to be able to accomplish any personal goals they set for themselves. The slogan for MXII is "Come drip with us, come change your future for the better."

We can't wait for his full album to drop in May. It was a pleasure to link up with such a talented & creative artist that has such an uplifting message behind his movement. CHHK has very similar values so it's honestly very refreshing to see someone pushing the same guidelines that we do as our slogan has always been #Community #Unity and #Opportunity. Please support artists such as J.U.S Lyric. They are very much needed in the often times very difficult to navigate music industry that all artists face today.

As promised, here is the EP release:

Be sure to checkout his website & follow his social media pages to keep up with his movement!

IG: Jlyric24

Twitter: juslyric24

Stay Tuned for our next blog installment each & every Monday in 2020.

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