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Muenster definitely "Rumblin'" Through Your Ear Drums

Muenster has been a stalwart of the ATX scene since the 90's and often overlooked and slept on artist, locally, since he has made his move to Denton. Here he shows he still is definitely "Rumblin'" and creating noise with a track produced by an up and coming producer with big things on the horizon, Juicy the Emissary. Kody "Tuna" Pryor did an excellent job shooting and editing this video. The shots are well synced, seamlessly spliced and of a wide variety. The contrast of nature to urban, and day to night, are solid transitions and juxtapositions with a breadth of shots from each sprawl to diversify the locations. The close ups are very impactful and definitely fulfill the purpose of direct line with the artist as if he's speaking to you in those moments. The whole video has an overall feel as if Muenster is always coming for you, or at you, and really fits well with the lyrics. Overall this is an excellent video of the highest quality to match a superb track and should definitely be Rumblin through your speakers if it hasn't been already.

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