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Is That "Fire Flow" a Fire Video Though

Check out this dope Track & Video by ATX local Kannkasso. The beat is banging & also has that smooth melody that keeps you vibing to it. It’s got that hard street/gritty feel that mixes well with the style of flow & vocal tone that Kannkasso delivers on the track. I really like the bars he spits when he says “you just average Lil Yachty when you squirtin/ you can barely wet the surface/ I Rap with purpose like I’m high on Percos” He’s sending a message to the trap rappers in the industry that have lowered the standard in the message they seem to be sending to their peers & youth. The video quality is solid shot behind what seems to be an iron fence in the streets which matches the song well. Makes you feel connected to the environment he’s portraying with his message about staying true to ones self & not frontin on your surroundings. It has solid video editing & vocals are in sync visually with the audio. Props to the producer & camera operators. Keep an eye out for more “Fire Flow” from the young but veteran status Kannkasso as he’s sure to have more in store for the Hip Hop heads that crave that witty lyricism over banging beats. Salute on a job well done.

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