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Welcome to College of Hip Hop Knowledge

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About CHHK

At College of Hip Hop Knowledge, our mission is to foster a paid and knowledgeable hip hop community in the ATX. Founded in 2015 by Big Mic and Jsun The Prophesor, we have been dedicated to empowering artists and helping them find their sound. Our monthly showcase, Fresh Fridaze, is held at Independence Brewery and is a great way to get yourself introduced to the community. We also have a professional studio called The Academy in Bastrop, Texas, which is a great place to record and refine your skills. In 2022, we went on tour through the Southwest region to much success and currently have more in the works.  We currently have 11 signed members that have individual music, as well as groups within CHHK, and we also perform as a group altogether onstage.  Our current roster that we represent is: Tall Kyle, Sill, Big Tree #4Real, Evita, DJ Berlin, CasinoATX, ATX Cypher, Big Mic, Jsun The Prophesor, Mic Trey, The Culprit, SOTU, AKAdemics, and Ill4Real. Contact us at to book any or all of these acts for your next event.


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The Academy - Professional Recording Studio

Our recording studio offers world-class recording, mixing, and mastering services. Our studio is equipped with a Neumann Tlm 103 microphone and an Apollo interface, as well as a floating vocal isolation booth. Located in scenic Bastrop, Texas, our studio is the perfect recording escape away from the city. Our lead engineer, Jsun The Prophesor, has credits with Kool Keith, Krino, Canibus, Abstract Rude, Smit-D, Twisted Insane, and many other soon-to-be-famous, local ATX and HTX artists. We take pride in our state-of-the-art facility, making sure you get the best sound quality possible.  Schedule your session today!!!

Booking your studio session today!

Come work with Jsun the Prophesor to get all your fidelity needs fulfilled. CHHK Studios offers recording, mixing and mastering services and can help with all other phas...
Studio Session
1 hr

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