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The College of Hip Hop Knowledge was founded in 2016 with the mission statement - community, unity and opportunity. Pay to play promoters and lineup favoritism ​were rampant and there were no solid indy hip hop labels on the scene, providing genuine opportunities for all serious artists to further their careers.  At CHHK, we saw this void needed to be filled. ATX has so many talented Hip Hop artists that deserve a bigger platform. So we started our own showcases and developed our own label.  We NEVER CHARGE ARTISTS to perform on our local or nationally headlining showcases and are adamantly against it.  We also split rights 50/50 with artists signed to us not the typical 60/40 most labels give and we do not take 100% ownership of all of an artist's masters or shelf work, which we believe to be erroneous practices. We're trying to drastically change the dynamic of the way the Hip Hop Music business is conducted in Austin from a promoter and label rep standpoint.  Join us and Support the movement by supporting positive change in the local hip hop community.


The label currently consists of many talented & versatile artists. The current roster consist of Sill, Tall Kyle, AKAdemics - (Big Mic x Jsun The Prophesor x DJ Berlin), Sound of the Underground - (Mic Trey x The Culprit) , Big Mic, Jsun the Prophesor, and last but not least the east side

legend Big Tree 4Real. Click on the Faculty link on the Menu at the top of the page to find out more about each artist. 


We're always looking to add like minded individuals to join the movement & strengthen the team. If you're a Musical Artist, Music Producer, DJ, Photographer or Videographer, Graphic Designer, or would just like to help support our mission, please contact us.  We will seriously consider all submissions we receive in a timely manner. Through the label, we strive to not just represent artists but also help to educate them to  be well versed in the sometimes difficult to navigate music business. 

Community, Unity and Opportunity

We support the Hip Hop Community, Promote Unity, and Provide Opportunity

Checkout a few tracks on our SoundCloud page by clicking on the link below:

The Academy - Professional Recording Studio

The new & improved studio is currently under construction but is nearing it's completion. Once completed, it will definitely be one of the top notch recording studios in the Central Texas area. Jsun The Prophesor will be manning the boards with top of the line mixing equipment & software. The completely custom crafted sound proof floating vocal booth is armed with a top rated Neuman condenser microphone. These combinations align for an experience that will be sure to impress & provide a worthwhile investment for any artist looking for these services.

Come work with Jsun the Prophesor to get all your fidelity needs fulfilled. CHHK Studios offers recording, mixing and mastering services and can help with all other phas...
Studio Session
1 hr

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