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Clay-Doh the Destroyer of Worlds Gives Us A Glimpse Into His

November 21, 2017

The Austin, Texas Hip Hop/Rap scene is chalked full of talent and creativity. There are shining stars from all different genres and the dedication and drive is unmistakable.  Acts such as Eson and Anya stand out as well polished professionals, delivering meticulously crafted messages with stylistic variety.  Newcomers Pennywise SynDaGod and NuffxSaid keep the East Coast well represented with merciless aplomb.


From a more urban perspective, stalwarts from the P.I.E. brand continue to shine with added verve from the likes of Tha Juan of South Side based Kriminals lore.  Big waves are made during performances from Trap Skwad and K Stones.  On any given night, an innocent bystander or ca