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Small Hands release, "Unspoken", needs to be talked about

Small Hands, a talented MC out of Colorado, has released a very introspective, if not biopic even, powerful visual in "Unspoken". The hook simply states "bowl of flower, bud light bottle" but yet with that simple phrase and the added visuals, he invokes a feeling of reminiscence and reflection. It then flashes to different visuals of the artist and each image clearly conveys the different emotions the artist was going through, as well as, the different stages the artist was going through in his life. He delves into not only deep painful things with this track but then also spins it with his characteristic positivity and transcendence of adversity. Although his true feelings for the woman he is talking about in the song remain "Unspoken", praise for this video and track definitely shouldn't. Check out this talented artist out of the Longmont/Boulder area on all his links:,,,,, Insta: @smallhandedbandit

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